NEWCAL Mangrove Leaves Large (aprox 10)

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Enhance your tropical aquarium with Mangrove Leaves

This leaf litter releases compounds when placed in an aquarium while also creating a natural habitat that make your fish and other aquatic animals feel safe; encouraging their overall health.

Due to the natural properties of this leaf, tannins will be released into the water.


Did you know? Mangrove leaves:

  • Reduce the pH levels
  • Help your fish recover from wounds or disease
  • Inhibit many types of bacteria and fungus
  • Promote breeding
  • And provides natural hiding spots for additional security


Mangrove Leaves are not only perfect for aquarist but they provide similar benefits when used in a tropical bio-active environment. As the leaves breakdown over time they will add nutrients back into your soil and can be used to provide an alternative food source and shelter to your isopods!

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