Live Feeder

Live Feeder Animals for in store purchase only.

**Not always available

Live Feeder Rats available in the following sizes:

Pinky:  3-12g $3.49/ea

Fuzzy: 13-19g $4.19/ea

Pup:    20-29g $4.99/ea

Weanling: 30-49g $5.99/ea

Small: 50-89g $7.99/ea

Medium: 90-149g $9.99/ea

Large: 150-274g $11.99/ea

X-Large: 275-374g $13.99/ea**

Jumbo: 375-474g $15.99/ea**

Colossal: 475g+ $17.99/ea**


Frozen Feeder Mice Available in the following sizes:

Pinky: 1-2g $1.75/ea

Fuzzy: 3-6g $2.25/ea

Hopper: 7-18g $2.49/ea

Adult: 19-31g $3.75/ea

Jumbo: 32g+ $4.49/ea**