XTREME Beef Heart Flake

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This nutrient-rich fish food is a rich source of protein and contains all essential amino acids to help support healthy muscle growth and overall fish health. The crisp flake texture can easily be crushed into fine flakes, making it ideal for small fish and adding variety to their diet. Not to mention, Xtreme Beef Heart Flake food encourages breeding behaviors and is an ideal food for Discus, Angelfish, and Rams - even the pickiest eaters! And with its lab-tested pathogen-free formula, you can trust that you're providing your fish with safe and healthy nutrition. Eagerly consumed by both farm-raised and wild-caught fish, Xtreme Beef Heart Flake food is a must-have for any fish owner looking to enhance their fish's beauty and vitality. Try it today and watch your fish thrive!

  •  Ideal for Discus, Cichlids & More: Specially formulated to cater to the nutritional needs of various species, providing a balanced diet for thriving aquarium life.
  •  Nutrient-Dense for Vibrant Colors: Enriched with vitamins & minerals to bring out the natural, brilliant colors of your tropical & freshwater fish, enhancing their beauty.
  • High Protein for Growth: Fuel your fish with a protein-packed formula that promotes strong muscles, development, and overall vitality in your aquarium pets.
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