TETRA Water Cleaner

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The Tetra® Water Cleaner gravel siphon is a great way to easily clean aquariums up to 55 gallons. The siphon makes monthly water changes easy! Remove 30 percent of your water using the gravel siphon by placing the larger end of the siphon inside the aquarium. Attach the clip to the front edge of the aquarium to prevent it from slipping out. Then, place the smaller end of the tube inside a bucket and attach the bucket clip to prevent slippage or follow instructions to use with the hose attachment. Squeeze the priming bulb until water begins to flow into the bucket. Move the water cleaner throughout the gravel to easily remove debris. If rocks are pulled into the tube, gently tap it on the gravel or side of your tank to dislodge. Continue until you have removed approximately 30 percent of the water.

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