TETRA Ick Guard 8 Tabs

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Tetra® Ick Guard® fizz tabs are fast-dissolving, premeasured tablets that make caring for your aquarium faster, easier and more convenient. This easy-to-use, soothing conditioner quickly clears ick (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), or white spot, on freshwater fish. Usually the result of sudden changes in water temperature or stress, ick can spread rapidly if left untreated and is usually fatal. This fast, safe and effective remedy clears ick and helps protect fish against secondary infections.

Add one Tetra® Ick Guard® tablet to each 10 gallons (40 L) of aquarium water. For aquariums 40 gallons or larger, and for soft water and/or acidic water with low alkalinity, dissolve tablets before adding to aquarium. Use Tetra® EasyStrips™ test strips to monitor pH and alkalinity levels. Use half strength for scaleless or sensitive fish. If ick persists, treat every 24 hours until it clears. See product label for complete directions and warnings.  


  • CLEARS ICK: Soothing conditioner quickly clears ick, or white spot, on freshwater fish.
  • FIZZ TABS: Fast-dissolving, pre-measured tablets make caring for your aquarium easy.
  • HELPS PROTECTS FISH: Helps protect against secondary infections.
  • FAST & SAFE: No need to raise water temperature – see product label for complete directions for use.
  • FOR FRESHWATER AQUARIUM USE ONLY: Treats up to 80 gallons of aquarium water.
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