PENN PLAX Climbing Vine Green with Leaves 5' Length

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  • Enhance your reptile habitat with this green climbing branch that has a realistic look with vines, branches, and leaves. The texture of this climber vine looks and feels natural
  • Bend this climbing vine into any shape you want to enhance your reptile tank décor. Twist it, stretch it out, or wrap it around other items in the tank
  • Vine gives your reptile the proper exercise by allowing it to move along it’s climbing branches. Vine can also provide a hiding place for your pet with proper shaping
  • This reptile climber branch has a generous 5 feet in length with widths that vary up to 5 inches. Made with a sturdy metal core surrounded by paper mache and is non-toxic for your pet
  • Sturdy enough for lizard, chameleons, tree frogs, geckos, and other small reptiles to climb on. This vine also be used to enhance turtle, snake and other terrariums habitats
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