PANGEA Stone Cup Holder (single)

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  • Holds one large 1.5 oz cup
  • Lightweight but will not tip over
  • Natural stone appearance

The stone single cup holder is made for larger geckos that would otherwise tip over the gecko's cups. Made from resin to look like a natural stone feature in your terrarium. Don't waste money by having your gecko's food spilled, get them one of these and make both of your lives easier. Color may vary from light gray to charcoal gray.

Cup holder dishes are perfect if you are feeding your pets Pangea Gecko Diet. It makes clean up a breeze. Instead of having to clean the stone dish you just need to dispose of the food cup, and replace it with a new one!

The stone single cup holder dish holds one 1.5 oz gecko cup. This dish is custom made to fit Pangea brand large feeding cups. 

Diameter: 2.6 inches
Height: 1.5 inches

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