OBIE'S Pre-Packaged Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSLF)

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Obie's black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are a nutrient rich protein and calcium food staple for your pet. Obie's live BSFL (Hermetia illuciens) contain >5500 ppm calcium, >50% protein (dry weight) and a Calcium to Phosphorus (Ca:P) 1.25:1 ratio which is near ideal for insectivores. BSFL also contain all the essential nutrients your insectivore needs.

Obie’s BSFL are easy to store, they don’t chirp, and don’t require calcium dusting or gut loading. Simply give them a quick rinse and feed them directly to your pet when they arrive, then store them between 10-12 ºC.  

Obie’s BSFL are locally raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We don’t import feedstock for our insects, we use pre-consumer organics from sources like local breweries, to feed and grow our black soldier fly larvae. The result is a protein that isn’t just sustainable, it’s also a nutritious staple for our insectivore pets and yours.



Obie’s small BSFL are 5-10 mm in length and weigh between 4-6 mg. The small size are best for hatchlings, small frogs, spiders and other small insectivore species. 

Obie’s medium BSFL are 10-15 mm in length and weigh between 7-12mg. Obie's medium BSFL are the perfect staple feed for newts, medium frogs and toads, adolescent lizards, small chameleons, medium geckos, axolotls, and young hedgehogs.


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