NUTRAFIN 3-Day Treasure Chest Feed

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Nutrafin 3-Day Fish Feeder has been formulated to provide complete nutrition for fish up to 3 days. The slow-dissolve and slow-release tablets provide a balanced diet of pellets and multi-vitamins for community aquariums up to 10 US Gal (37.8 L). For larger aquariums, simply add one block per 10 US Gal (37.8 L).

For best results :

-Aquarium temperature should be kept between 76°F - 78°F (24°C- 2°C)
-pH levels should be kept between 6.8 - 7.2 (high pH will cause food to release slower)
-Do not use in bowls or aquariums without adequate filtration or aeration.

Note : It is recommended to perform a 20% water change after using the 3-Day Fish Feeder

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