MAZURI Koi Pond Nuggets 9kg

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Raise bright and healthy koi fish. Mazuri® Pond Koi Fish Food offers complete nutrition, with a taste koi can't resist, and ingredients that support beautiful, vibrant coloration. Plus, the food particles float - to encourage fish to come to the surface of your pond, tank or aquarium so you can enjoy mealtime too.

  • Watch your fish thrive with complete nutrition.  Fortified with vitamins and minerals and no fish supplements needed.
  • Get vibrant coloration. With ingredients that support pigmentation.
  • Optimize development. High protein level helps tissues and muscles grow.
  • Help prevent overfeeding. The floating particles bring fish to the surface to eat, so you can monitor their food intake.
  • Be eco-friendly.  Our fishmeal source is 100% sustainable.

Product Form:  Extruded particle - 3/16" x 3/16"       

Product Size:   20 lb. (9KG) net weight paper sack.

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