JETLIFTER Mattenfilter Kit for up to 20 Gal Long 20PPI w/ Large

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The term filter for a Mattenfilter is actually misleading. The purpose of the foam is not to filter the water as is often assumed. The foam serves as the habitat for a vast array of microorganisms that include bacteria, archaea, worms, ciliates, flagellates, and many others. The Mattenfilter with its large inflow area and specific surface is ideal to maintain the filter community long term since it works for years.

Because the Mattenfilter requires essentially no maintenance (only when the water level behind the sheet starts to drop, which can take several years), the time savings are substantial when compared to other filters.

The foam itself is good for at least 10 years.

Installation: Simply cut a notch in the foam at the desired water level with a sharp knife. The Jetlifter spout should end up about half to two-thirds submerged for best performance. Having the Jetlifter sitting in a notch makes it easier to remove it for cleaning. If you put it through a hole, you have to pull the foam away from the side to get the Jetlifter out. Moreover, totally submerging the Jetlifter reduces flow because it has to push against the water in front, reduces surface agitation, and creates spills on the lid like an airstone. How far down the intake side of the Jetlifter goes behind the foam is not really that relevant. The deeper it reaches the more water it moves, but it also requires more pressure from the air pump. But the water will pass through the foam wherever there is the least resistance, hence the point of water intake behind the foam is not critical.

This size is ideal for tanks between 10 Gallons and 20 Gallon (Long) tanks (foam is 12"x12.5")

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