LIVING WORLD Chinchilla Bath House

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Your pet chinchilla should be given a dust bath at least twice a week. The dust bath will help keep his fur dry and healthy. In order to be sure that your pet is getting a good bath, his bath house should have a bottom that allows complete contact between him and the bath sand.

The new Living World Chinchilla Bath House has a sphere bottom and a unique design that helps prevent mess and retains sand inside the bath house.              

Key Features :

  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Sphere bottom ensures complete contact between chinchilla and bath sand
  • Unique design helps prevent mess and retains sand inside the bath house
  • Fits most wire cages
  • Transparent tinted top
  • Made of strong, durable plastic
  • Can be used as a bath or nest

Note :

After your pet has finished his bath (usually 20-30 minutes of bath time should be enough) remove the sand from the bath house as he might use it as a toilet.

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