LIVING WORLD Alfalfa Chews, 16oz

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Living World Alfalfa Chews are a nutritious hay source and 100% natural. The convenient, easy-to-eat cubes encourage chewing and help maintain healthy teeth, plus they are a fun and healthy treat that small pets will enjoy for hours! The long-strand fiber stimulates digestion and the high protein and nutritious content promote vigorous health and a glossy coat.
Alfalfa Chews are dust-free and ideal for pet owners who prefer not to have the mess of loose hay. With no additives or preservatives, Alfalfa Chews are ideal as natural food treats for small animals, especially rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. They are also suitable for hamsters, mice, rats and degus.
The complete line of Living World Hays is specially grown and blended to help meet the nutritional needs of small animals. Each bag is quality assured to provide essential nutrients. Every Living World Hay has a unique texture and aroma that enhances its taste, while the high-fibre content promotes excellent digestion and helps prevent obesity, digestive upset and diarrhea.
Feeding Living World Hays helps minimize dental disease and assists in dental maintenance. 454 g (16 oz)

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