GLASGARTEN Shrimp Snacks

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Glasgarten Shrimp Snacks are a yummy treat for your shrimp, crayfish or snails.

The yummy tastes of the natural ingredients of the different flavors pique the interest of the shrimp and other inverts right away, and whet their appetite. Besides being tasty, Shrimp Snacks offer vitamins, minerals, trace elements and much more, and complement your main shrimp food nicely.

Once on the floor of the tank, the sticks break down into smaller pieces after a relatively short time, so that every shrimp, snail or crayfish (and especially the smaller juvies) gets food without being stressed. The great number of positive ingredients we use makes our Shrimp Snacks a highly valuable in-between snack for your aquarium pets.

Like stinging nettle and birch tree leaves, the leaves of the dandelion are highly popular with shrimp and co. Bitterns, vitamins, minerals, inulin, glycosides, triterpenoids, choline and potassium make them a highly beneficial snack.

Feeding recommendation
"¢ 0.5 cm of a stick for 10-15 shrimp

Lowenzahn- 100% dandelion leaves; dried

Mulbeer- 100% mulberry leaves; dried

Artemia- Molluscs and Crustaceans (20% Artemia salina), Cereals, Minerals, Yeasts, Paprika

Snowflakes- 100% organic soy bran

Snowflakes Chard & Spinach - Organic soy bran, chard (5%), spinach (5%), algae

Snowflakes Pumpkin & Carrot - Organic soy bran, pumpkin (5%), carrot (5%), pepper

Snowflakes 3 in 1 - Contains a mix of the above three snowflake varieties


Each bag contains 30g of snacks in stick form

Made in Germany

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