CORALIFE Mini Aqualight 12-18 inch LED

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The 12"-18" Cora life LED mini aqualight is a top of the line full coverage lighting system boasting three LED lights and eight preset colors for maximum freedom and functionality. Sturdy and accessible mounting brackets make installation fast and painless.

The 24-hour timer allows aquarists to choose how and when their lighting systems will take effect, or make use of presets such as sunset and sunrise mode to mimic the fluctuations of light in natural environments.

The blends of white, blue and RGB LED's encourages dramatic growth in planted freshwater aquariums and greatly benefits the demanding and sensitive needs of coral within marine environments. For added accuracy and customization, aquarists can increase or decrease the intensity of color in 10% increments, making sure that such changes Will not negatively impact the inhabitants of your tank.

Ideal for use in small aquariums and Nano tanks. Comes with a handy remote control.

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