PENN PLAX Granite Stone Hideaway Small/Medium 2 pack

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The Penn Plax Granite Stone Hideaway offers visual interest to your tank while reducing fish stress. This 2 piece set has the realistic look of granite rocks with their rounded shape in shades of black, grey, and white. This aquarium ornament serves two purposes, to add visual interest for humans but also acts as a hideaway and pass through for your fish. This can help when more than one fish is present in the tank allowing them to play, rest, and hide inside reducing aggression. These granite stone replicas are perfect for cichlid tanks since this fish is territorial and must create their own space.

These aquarium ornaments are made of quality resin and come with 1 medium sized rock 3 inches high and 1 small sized rock 2 inches high in the set. This fish hideaway is freestanding and double sided so it can be placed anywhere in your fish tank. The medium sized rock has a flat top for stacking and can be paired with other rocks to create a larger display. Coordinate these rocks with other aquarium decorations and plants to create a complete environment for your fish tank.

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