MAGNATURALS Jungle Vine Bridge

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  • No adhesive or harmful materials
  • Walkway for arboreal pets
  • Magnetic force guaranteed for life
  • Easy to remove and reposition
  • Efficient and captivating
  • Up to 34" of vine

Allow your pet to reach new heights with the MagNaturals Jungle Vine Bridge! Necessary for chameleons, geckos, frogs, Ewoks, and other critters who want to take a walk on the wild side. The bridge has magnetic ends that anchor to both sides of the terrarium creating a natural walkway that uses cage space wisely and looks great. Magnetic force guaranteed for life so your pet won't be making any plunges and either will your wallet. Also a great option for small bird cages like canaries or finches. With 34 inches of vine the possibilities are endless. Encourage your chameleon to wander and your bird to soar!

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