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GlasGarten Snail Safe protects your snails from venturing too far out of the aquarium and possibly taking damage by falling down or drying up outside, if they cannot make it back on their own. Species of snails such as the ornament nerite snail, orange track nerite snail, zebra nerite, sun snail or the red nerite snail, so species of Neritina, Clithon or Vittina, are known for the fact that they like to climb out of the aquarium and then unfortunately often die next to the aquarium, because they where found too late. This often happens when they climb over the edge of the open aquarium or crawl out of small openings of aquarium covers and cannot find the way back.

With Snail Safe - escape protection for snails you can easily prevent this and protect your snails from such accidents. It is harmless for all aquarium inhabitants, but uncomfortable for snails, so that they do not want to go any further when they touch it with their sensitive feet and go turn around.

Snail Safe can be easily applied as a thin, transparent film like a cream, so that you can create a barrier for your snails in the places where they should not crawl.

Snail Safe adheres well to all dry surfaces such as glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc. and is water-repellent.

Take out some Snail Safe with your finger and apply a thin film to the top of the dry aquarium edge all around. If only individual openings of a aquarium cover are to be secured, apply Snail Safe escape protection directly around the opening. The surface should be dry. Check from time to time whether the protective barrier is still closed or if there are any open areas. Residues can be easily removed with a dry kitchen towel .

Content: 25 ml

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