PENN PLAX Deco-Replica Nautical Resin 4pc Set

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Bring the beach to your aquarium with Penn-Plax’s Nautical Aquarium Ornament Kit! This all-in-one set makes decorating your finned friends’ home a cinch. It comes with four resin ornaments that have been expertly hand painted to give them realistic detail. They are safe for both fresh water and marine aquariums and are ideal for aquariums that can hold 20 gallons of water. Not only will your fish love swimming around their newly decorated home, but your guests will love looking at your new nautical scene too!

Key Benefits

  • The complete set comes with four ornaments to decorate your aquarium.
  • Transform your underwater buddies’ home in just 30 seconds or less!
  • Resins are carefully painted by hand for a realistic touch.
  • Safe for fresh water or marine aquariums.
  • Ideal for 20-gallon aquariums.
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