JURASSIPET Jurassivite 100g

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JurassiVite™ is the only reptile/amphibian vitamin/mineral supplement that provides all 14 essential vitamins and 17 trace and ultra-trace minerals recommended by herpetelogical experts. JurassiVite™ provides Vitamin A as beta carotene. This avoids risk of Vitamin A toxicity and allows the animal to produce Vitamin A as needed. Vitamins A, D3 and E are present in the recommended* ratio of 100:10:1.

Vitamin supplementation is often necessary to avoid ailments (such as anorexia, poor growth, ataxia, muscle tremors, bradycardia, blindness, osteomalacia, osteporosis and goiter) arising from dietary deficiencies.

JurassiVite™ employs an alfalfa base for enhanced palatability and nutritive value. Competing products use seaweed or yeast as a carrying agent, both of which are unnatural forage items for reptiles. They also fail to meet the proper Vitamin A to Vitamin D3 to Vitamin E ratio. Competing products also do not include essential vitamins and minerals; absence of such vitamins and minerals can lead to severe nutritional disorders that are difficult to diagnose.

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