ADA Aquasky RGB 60 Silver

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AQUASKY RGB 60 is a LED lighting system for aquatic plants with special RGB LED chips adopted to the light source. Because each wavelength output of the three primary colors of light such as red (R), green (G) and blue (B) is optimized for aquatic plants, healthy aquatic plants grow, and it enables to create colorful and beautiful aquascapes.

Product Specification/
Input voltageï¼Ã…¡AC100ï½Ã…¾240V 50/60Hz
Rated Powerï¼Ã…¡72W
Power consumptionï¼Ã…¡40W±10%
(Central illuminance at 10cm distance)
Color temperature Aroundï¼Ã…¡9,000ï½Ã…¾12,000K
(Due to the nature of LED lighting, there are variations in color temperature.)
LEDï¼Ã…¡RGB LED × 70
LED lifetimeï¼Ã…¡Over 30,000hrs (subject to operating environment)
Operating temperature range 0ï½Ã…¾35℃
"»With soft start function

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