ABC PLANTS - Rotala macrandra

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Sometimes considered the "queen of aquarium plants" - Rotala macrandra is a beautiful plant from southern India that is absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous when grown successfully. It's rich, red coloration is delightful and it's unique foliage is stunning. Though it is a demanding plant that requires high light, CO2 and fast moving water, anyone who's ever grown R. macrandra do its fullest potential would probably say it's worth it!



Difficulty: Difficult without CO2

Type: Red stem plant

Size: 3 - 20cm+

Native Range: Subcontinent (southern India)

Position and Usage: Background or midground "show piece". Quite conspicuous.

Growth Rate: Fast (with CO2 and good lighting)

Lighting: 4/5 - 5/5

Temperature: 20-28

Water Conditions: pH 5.5 to 6.5 - soft to medium-hard

CO2: Highly recommended - required

Propagation: Cuttings can be re-planted in the substrate - frequent trimming promotes shorter, bushier growth.

Special requirements: Sensitive to sudden drops in temperature. Likes good water circulation, access to micronutrients. Prefers acidic, nutrient rich substrate.

Emersed growth: Suitable and easily acclimates to immersed growth. Looks almost identical to Rotala rotundifolia when grown immersed except for the red coloration.

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