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Tall and elegant, Rotala wallichii is a popular red stem-plant native to southeast Asia. Under optimal conditions, the inflorescence will produce bright purple flowers, while the body of the plant will remain an intense pink, deep orange, or vibrant red hue. R. wallichii is well-suited to even small aquariums and will make a good background or midground plant regardless of tank size. Especially in smaller tanks, it can grow to reach the water's surface in vibrant and fluffy clusters. Side shoots predominate and are easily pruned. Their stems can be snipped and replanted efficiently, and growth can be boosted considerably through CO2 supplementation. Although fairly hardy, R. wallichii requires bright illumination and a well-balanced nutrient supply in order to thrive. This plant can be demanding but with the proper care, it will prove to be extremely rewarding.


Difficulty: Moderate
Size: 10 - 30cm+
Native Range: Southeast Asia
Position and Usage: Midground and background tank placement
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast (additional CO2 will significantly increase the growth rate)
Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5
Water Conditions: Soft, slightly acidic water with a pH of 5 - 7, relatively high levels of phosphate (1 - 2ppm), and relatively low nitrate levels (above 0ppm and below 20 - 25ppm)
CO2: Recommended for vibrant colouration
Propagation: Prune upper stems and replant clippings in substrate
Special requirements: Benefits from iron/micronutrient dosing

Emersed Growth: Suitable for growing immersed or semi-immersed. Will take on a somewhat "spikier", pine-tree appearance than immersed grown Rotala rotundifolia.

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