ABC PLANTS - Rotala Vietnam H'ra

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A beautiful Rotala rotundifolia relative that turns a rich crimson red. This is one of the most spectacular Rotala species and one of the most dramatic plants you can add to your aquarium.


When planted along with greener Rotala varieties (such as Rotala nanjenshan), the contrast is simply stunning and cannot be overstated.


Unlike many other red plants, Rotala Vietnam H'ra is a fairly undemanding and is always red even in medium lighting without CO2. In good lighting with CO2 injection, this R. Vietnam H'ra will will become intensely red and is one of the best choices for the background of any aquarium.



Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Type: Stem

Size: 3 - 20cm+

Native Range: Asia (Vietnam)

Position and Usage: Midground and background are most common, but tends to creep along substrate when lighting is high.

Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5

Water Conditions: pH of 6.5 to 7.5

CO2: Not required but beneficial

Propagation: Cuttings from side shoots or axial roots can be re-planted in the substrate - frequent trimming promotes shorter, bushier growth.

Special requirements: CO2 injection promotes faster, denser growth and better coloration. Iron supplementation also improves the red coloration.

Emersed growth: Suitable and easily aclimates to emersed growth. 

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