ABC PLANTS - Ludwigia palustris 'Super Red'

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L. palustris is a common and adaptable stem plant native to boggy habitats around the world, including shallow ponds and other stagnant to slow-moving waters. It can be grown both submersed and emersed. L. palustris “Super Red' is, true to its name, an especially red L. palustris variant. Unfussy, it makes a great pick for those who want a colourful accent or focal point in a low tech set up. Its oval leaves grow in alternating pairs along tilted, sometimes horizontally-creeping stems. Given moderate lighting, these leaves take on beautiful red hues; while powerful lighting and CO2 supplementation are not strictly necessary, both will amplify foliage intensity.

This plant can grow quickly in comparison to some other L. palustris variants and may need to be trimmed semi-regularly; healthy “Super Red' specimens may exceed 30 cm in height.  Trimming will result in dense, bushy growth. It should be noted that if lighting, CO2, or nutrients (most especially iron) are insufficient, growth can be healthy but foliage may be orange or golden in colour.



Difficulty: Easy

Type: Stem

Size: 10 - 30 cm in height; 2 - 4 cm in width

Position and Usage: Midground to background placement

Growth rate: Moderate to fast

Lighting: 2/5 - 5/5 - Higher lighting brings out a redder color

Water Conditions: 18 - 28° C

CO2: Recommended but not required

Propagation: Cuttings

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