ABC PLANTS - Helanthium tenellum "Green"

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Perhaps better known as Echinodorus tenellus, The "Pygmy Chain Sword" is a grass-like foreground and carpet plant that is Native to wide streches of the Americas and has been continuously popular in planted aquariums since they were "invented". It is found in two common varieties (see our Helanthium tenellum). This variety has wider leaves and a classic green color that stays green. It is believed to be hardier than the thinner leaf variety. 


Both sub-types are relatively easy and adaptable plants suitable for very small or very large aquariums alike. It thrives best with medium to high light but does not require CO2. CO2 fertilization and good lighting however, does promotes the rapid growth of this plant into extremely dense 'turf' or 'lawns'. It is often planted in front of or between rocks and driftwood where it softens their appearance ties the whole aquarium together. It is also popularly used behind smaller carpeting plants such as HC Cuba, Monte Carlo, Glosso or UG to create a dramatic sense of depth and dimensionality. Additionally it is also an extremely popular plant for nano aquariums where it contributes to a striking perspective and illusion of scale. It is a beautiful plant that enhances virtually any aquascape and is simultaneously fairly undemanding.

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Rosette plant with stolons (runners)

Size: 1-7 cm in height

Position and Usage: Carpet, Lawn and Foreground

Growth rate: Fast

Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5

Temperature: 18 - 35°C

Water Conditions: pH between 5 to 7.5, Soft to medium soft water (0-14 dKH)

CO2: Not required but recommended

Propagation: Runners (Stolons)

Special Requirements: Nutrient rich substrate, Iron supplementation, Neutral to acidic pH (common in planted aquariums)

Emersed: Yes - will produce flowers.

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