ABC PLANTS - Eriocaulon - Broad Leaf

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The easiest Eriocaulon plant. Absolutely stunning and extremely rare, this plant looks like an underwater succulent. Unlike more delicate Eriocaulon species, this plant can be kept thriving under a wider variety of conditions and makes an amazing centerpiece for any tank, big or small, to build an aquascape around. Turns reddish in high lighting.


Difficulty: Moderate to demanding
Type: Rosette
Size: 6 x 6cm typically; may grow up to 10 x 10cm
Native Range: China
Position and Usage: Foreground to midground
Growth Rate: Slow - Moderate
Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5
Water conditions: Prefers softer water and temperatures of 20 - 28°C
CO2: Required
Propagation: Vegetative, new plants bud off mother plant and large well established mother plants can be split in 2 or 4 new plantlets.
Special requirements: Magnesium enrichment, root tabs, CO2 necessary if tank is deep, can be used without CO2 if the plant is ~6 inches or less from the surface.

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