ABC PLANTS - Cryptocoryne wentii

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Cryptocoryne Wendtii, also known as Wendt's Cryptocoryne, is a slow-growing, undemanding species well-suited to smaller aquariums. As a dense, low-growing plant, C. wendtii is well-suited to midground placement and can be used to conceal the unsightly lower regions of your taller, stem-type plants. However, if positioned in groups, C. wendtii will grow tall and narrow. As such, solitary specimens may be most attractive. With regular pruning and nitrate-heavy fertilization, this plant will thrive. It may experience leaf die-off when first introduced to an aquarium but will acclimate well over time. Leaf size, shape, and colour will depend greatly on your tank's light intensity, making it a pleasantly versatile variety. To propagate, remove a small portion of the root with some attached stem and plant in the substrate. You can also pull apart a mature plant and plant the resulting specimens across the aquarium. This species is hardy and its propagation simple, making it an excellent choice for experienced and beginner aquarists alike.



Difficulty: Easy

Size: 10 - 30cm+ in height, 10 - 20cm in rosette width

Native Range: Southeast Asia (Sri Lanka)

Position and Usage: Any placement may be appropriate, although midground is common

Growth Rate: Moderate

Lighting: 1/5 - 3/5

Water Conditions: pH of 6 - 8, temperature of 75° to 82°F

CO2: Not required

Propagation: Runners

Special requirements: High nitrate levels and stable water conditions

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