ABC PLANTS - Gratiola viscidula

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A very new plant to the hobby that has only recently been discovered, Gratiola is an absolute gem that is native to North America. It is easy to care for, has a unique growth style and will certainly be an exciting new addition to any aquarium! It does not require CO2 though CO2 fertilization will encourage faster, denser growth.


This beautiful plant is uniquely flexible and can be grown tied to rocks or driftwood (like mosses) to give your hardscape some life and texture. It is often found in nature as an epiphyte. It will eventually attach itself to the rocks and driftwood it's been tied to and grow on top of it much like ivy does on old buildings.


Alternatively Gratiola can also be grown as a carpeting plant and will produce a plush, "shag rug" appearance that will immediately give any aquascape a bit of a lush, luxurious appearance. 


Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Size: Seldom taller than 5 cm. Usually shorther than 2cm
Native Range: Southeastern United States (First found in the Carolinas)
Position and Use: Carpet to bushy foreground “hedge'. Epiphytic: attaches to rocks, driftwood and other hardscape much like ivy. Also usable as an emersed plant in vivariums
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast with CO2, slow to moderate without CO2
Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5
Water Conditions: Highly adaptable, but prefers soft and slightly acidic to neutral (pH of 6 - 7) and temperatures from 15 - 28°C. Suitable to cold-water tanks containing goldfish or native fish
CO2: Beneficial but not required
Reproduction: Stem cuttings
Special Requirements: Appreciates rich substrate if planted but can also be tied to rocks or driftwood where it will eventually attach itself and grow as an epiphyte. Not a fussy plant so regulator aquarium fertilizer will be sufficient

Emersed Growth: Can be grown emersed or partially emersed in terrariums, Wabi Kusa or a paludarium. Emersed form is somewhat more compact and robust in appearance than it's featherier submerged appearance.

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