ABC PLANTS - Utricularia graminifolia

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The most spectacular carpeting plant! If you have good lighting and CO2, this plant is a must have! Can be grown on rocks and driftwood as well as directly on substrate. Contrary to rumours, this plant does not harm fry or baby shrimp and can be quite easy to grow without CO2 or bright lighting if you acclimate it correctly. Just treat it right at the start and it'll grow in most planted aquariums. 


Difficulty: Moderately Difficult

Type: Carpeting

Size: 1 - 3cm in height­­

Position and Usage: Carpeting, Foreground placement, grows on driftwood

Growth rate: Moderate to fast

Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5

Water Conditions: 18 - 25°C; soft water recommended; pH of 6.8 - 7.0

CO2: Recommended but not required

Propagation: Cuttings, separation and replanting clumps

Paludarium use: Frequently used to great effect in emersed or semi-emersed in paludariums, Wabi Kusa and humid terrariums - easy to grow

Special Requirements: Water column fertilization; easy plant to establish using a dry-start method

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