ABC PLANTS - Riccia fluitans

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An awesome and super versatile floating liverwort, Riccia grows in pillowy clumps at the surface or the water in even the most basic aquarium setups and is a great plant for cleaning your water while providing shelter to fry and baby shrimp. Riccia also can also be used for a completely different effect in high tech tanks with CO2 injection and at least medium lighting where it can be tied to the surface of rocks and substrate for an absolutely stunning shag rug effect where it can glisten with bubbles from every frond. 


Riccia is a a great addition to any tank. It's a beautiful floating plant that can also be used as one of the most impressive displays in a high tech tank. If you've never tried this plant before, definitely give it a shot. It's spectacularly charming in any aquarium and its dazzling performance under water makes it one of the most essential plants if you have CO2 and, in my opinion, one of the most compelling reasons to get a CO2 injection system if you've been considering it...



Difficulty: Easy

Type: Floating, cushion forming plant or submerged carpeting epiphyte

Size: 3cm maximum, usually smaller

Position and Usage: Floating plant or moss-like covering

Growth rate: Fast

Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5

Water Conditions: 20 - 28°C

CO2: Not required, recommended for submerged growth

Propagation: New plants bud out from the mother plant

Special Requirements: Floating - none - water and light. Submerged - adequate light and CO2 fertilization

Misc Notes: Makes an easy growing floating plant that is excellent for spawing fish or shrimp. Can be used tied to rocks, driftwood or substrate in high tech tanks for a soft, pearling moss-like effect.

Emersed: Yes

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