ABC PLANTS - Alternanthera reineckii var. Rosaefolia

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An absolutely stunning variety of Alternanthera reineckii (AR) that is widely considered an easier plant than its cousins one of the easiest red plants for your aquarium. As it is a larger plant than many other AR varieties, it is a majestic and colorful background plant that makes any aquascape pop with color. Most popularly used in the background of Dutch and Dutch inspired planted tanks.


Like virtually all red plants, good lighting is much appreciated. CO2 fertilization is by no means necessary but will produce richer reds and purples, increase the growth rate and enable a denser growth habit. This plant is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to get started with red plants and instantly adds visual interest to any aquascape!


Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Origin: South America (Amazonia waterways)

Type: Red stem plant

Size: 30-15cm (12-20") Maximum height in the aquarium

Position and Usage: Colorful background plant. Popular in "Dutch-style" aquariums

Growth rate: Variable depending on conditions - generally faster than most Alternanthera cultivars

Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5

Temperature: 18 - 25°C

pH: 5.0-7.0

Hardness: Unimportant - soft to hard water (4-12 dGH)

CO2: Not required though helps achieve best coloration and growth rate

Propagation: New plants grown from cuttings while multiple shoots will arise on the cut stem

Special Requirements: Good lighting, fine substrate preferred. Iron supplementation, like all red plants, is needed for the best health.

Immersed use: Grows wonderfully as an immersed plant in terrariums and paludariums. Immersed forms tend to be shorter, stouter and may produce small flowers. 

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