ABC PLANTS - Rotala nanjenshan

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Said to be a cross between Rotala rotundifolia and R. walichiiRotala nanjenshan is in fact, a separate species that was recently discovered in ponds, lakes and other slow moving waterways in the scenic wilderness of Taiwan. It is similar in some ways to Rotala wallichii but is significantly easier to grow. Unlike R. wallichii, R. najenshan remains mostly a beautiful bright green color even in very intense lighting with only some redness developing on the tips. 


It is an ideal plant that can be used to create dense midgrounds and backgrounds. It's leaves tend to be more delicate looking than Rotala rotundifolia but more robust and substantial than Rotala wallichii and is an extremely handsome plant for any aquascape and can create incredible dense patches when grown in good condition.


Unlike Rotala wallichiiR. nanjenshan does not require CO2 or extremely high light and can grow well in medium to high light without CO2, but does certainly benefit enormously from the amenities of a high tech tank.



Difficulty: Moderate

Type: Stem

Size: 10 - 20cm in height

Position and Usage: Midground

Growth rate: Fast

Lighting: 2/5 - 5/5

Water Conditions: 22 - 26°C

CO2: Not required. Will benefit from CO2 injection however.

Propagation: Cuttings replanted in the substrate allow this plant to be propagated easily and quickly.

Special Requirements: Regular fertilization with an iron rich product such as Seachem Flourish

Emersed Growth: Can be grown emersed in a humid terrarium environment. The plant will be much shorter and more dense. It looks a bit like club moss when grown above water.

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