ABC PLANTS - Lobellia cardinalis

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An aquarium classic - hardy, beautiful and undemanding. Lobelia cardinalis is a wonderful plant for any set-up and complements many other common aquarium plants. Our variety tends to grow shorter and bushier and can be used to great effect in a variety of aquarium sizes with or without CO2



Difficulty: Easy

Type: Stem, Branching

Size: 10 - 30cm in height; 7 - 15cm in width

Position and Usage: Foreground to background. Very flexible and can even be trimmed into neat rows.

Growth rate: Moderate

Lighting: 2/5 - 5/5 Higher light intensities result in reddish growth of emersed leaves or underside of submerged ones

Water Conditions: 15 - 26°C (extremely adaptable)

CO2: Not required. Can be used to speed up growth and produce a considerably lusher and denser plant

Propagation: Replant healthy cuttings

Emersed Growth: Grows emersed wonderfully in a paludariums or Wabi Kusa. Emersed Lobelia tends to be shorter and grows in a creeping fashion, spreading horizontally with a sprawling root system. Older, upper leaves turn reddish. L. cadinalis produces stunning cardinal red flowers in either a terrarium or aerial portions from an aquarium.

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