ABC PLANTS - Lindernia rotundifolia

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An all solid color variety of this beautiful plant from Asia. One of the easiest, fastest growing aquarium plants around, our Lindernia rotundifolia is a great choice for low tech tanks or beginners. Coloration are and morphology are superficially similar to Bacopa australis. It resembles but produces smaller leaves and bushier branches than the common moneywort (Bacopa monnieri). 



Difficulty: Easy

Type: Stem with runners

Size: 7 - 40cm in height

Position and Usage: Midground to background placement

Growth rate: Very Fast                                                 

Lighting: 2/5 - 5/5

Water Conditions: 18 - 28°C (adaptable)

CO2: Not required

Propagation: Cuttings, will naturally develop runners

Emersed suitability: Grows well either emersed or partially emersed in a paludarium environment

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