ABC PLANTS - Juncus repens

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A dwarf member of the grass-like Rush family suitable for small and large aquariums. Thrives in a variety of conditions and can be trimmed for a easier, faster growing alternative to foreground grass-like plants such as Eleocharis. Perfect for anyone who has ever wished grass could grow underwater!



Difficulty: Very Easy

Type: Rosette/Stem - Grass-like

Size: Up to 8-30cm in height

Position and Usage: Foreground (when trimmed) to background. Looks great in a group or planted around rocks and driftwood.

Growth rate: Moderate to Fast - steady growth rate

Lighting: 1/5 - 5/5

Water Conditions: 18 - 25°C, pH - 6.5 to 7.5

CO2: Not required

Propagation: Unrooted baby plantlets can be clipped and replanted, adults can be split.

Special Requirements: None. Benefits from micronutrient and Iron supplementation as well as rich substrates for vigorous, lush growth.

Notes and curiousities: Leaf blades turn reddish with to high lighting. The smallest member of the rush family, Juncus repens grows well entirely submerged but is also suitable for emersed or partially emersed growth in Wabi Kusa and Paludariums. Native to North America, this plant was first popularized for aquariums in Europe.

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