ABC PLANTS - Hygrophila difformis - Water Wisteria

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Very easy but beautiful plant for any set-up. Water wisteria is fast growing, does very well with or without CO2 and doesn't even require very high lighting. It is the quintessential beginner plant that is  very popular with aquarists of all skill levels because of it's unique leaf shape and interesting growth patterns. It complements may most other plants very well because of its fascinating leaf shape. 


This plant is great for beginners (or experts) looking for something easy to maintain and also very cool looking. It is one of our personal favorite plants for new aquarists because it does so well in so many conditions and it's hard to screw up. Plus it grows quite fast and does a wonderful job of cleaning up nitrates and phosphates to make your tank healthier for your fish. 


It's also one of the prettiest aquatic plants so you really can't go wrong!


Difficulty: Very Easy
Type: Stem type plant - Unique growth habits
Size: 10- 40cm in height, 3 - 25cm in width
Native Range: Asia (Burma, India, Thailand, parts of Malaysia)
Position and Usage: Background, midground, or foreground placement
Growth Rate: Very fast
Lighting: 2/5 - 5/5
Water Conditions: Soft to moderate water hardness; ideal pH of 6.5 to 7.5 - very adaptable
CO2: Not required
Propagation: Extremely easy! Nearly any piece of the plant, including pieces of leaves that beak off will form roots and become new plantlets - it's actually quite amazing. 
Special requirements: None - will definitely benefit from fertilizers and iron supplementation like all aquatic plants - especially since it is fast growing.

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