ABC PLANTS - Nymphoides aquatica "Banana Plant"

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A aquarium classic like you've never seen it before. Our tissue culture Banana plants are absolutely stunning with beautiful full leaves right out of the cup that you simply cannot get with a regular pet-shop Banana plant without a lot of time and meticulous pruning.


Banana Plants are one of the most unique and least demanding plants in the hobby - they don't need much light or CO2. It's an ideal plant everyone including beginners.


In lower lighting conditions, the plant will  send leaves to the surface that look like tiny lilly pads (unlike the closely related Nypmphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' which, uniquely among lillys, produces only underwater leaves)


Each cup contains around 5 well sized plants. The bananas have not yet fully developed but will after being planted in your tank. 



Difficulty: Easy

Type: Rosette, Dwarf Lilly, Banana Plant

Size: 15 - 30cm in height; 10 - 15cm in width

Position and Usage: Foreground to background placement

Growth rate: Medium/Fast

Lighting: 1/5 - 5/5

Water Conditions: 20 - 28°C; pH of 6.0 - 8.0 

CO2: Not required

Propagation: Cut off a leaf and let it float - it will eventually root and turn into a new plant.

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