CO2ONE Standard Canister Adaptor

Article number: CGA320
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For use with CO2ONE (regulator, in-tank and in-line systems). This is an additional inlet adapter for using your regulator with a standard CO2 cannister. Just swap out the original inlet adapter that came with your kit for this adapter and you are all set to use a standard CO2 cannister. 

NOTE: These are accessories designed for our proprietary CO2ONE system and have not been tested and are not guaranteed to be usable for other aquarium CO2 regulators. Buy these only if you already own a CO2ONE regulator or complete system! If you own a Fluval, Tropica or ISTA kit that uses the larger (50-95g) disposable cartridges and would like to use it with SodaStream or Paintball - check out these adapters. 

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