BOYD Chemi-Pure Elite

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Chemi-pure Elite contains GFO (Granular Ferric Oxide) in order to remove phosphates and silicates from the aquarium water body. GFO has been proven as one of the top choices for removing and controlling any phosphate and/or silicate levels within your aquarium.


Get all the original benefits of Chemi-pure with our proprietary GFO blend to give you the ability to remove phosphate and silicates from your aquarium's water. Now featuring our newest improvement to the original Chemi-pure formula, QuickWash Carbon. NO need for bulk Iron Oxide removers or spending additional money on a phosphate reactor. Chemi-pure Elite makes your aquarium maintenance easier by being pre-packaged in a nylon filter bag, just gently rinse clear before adding to your aquarium to start enjoying a more maintenance free aquarium as it helps control nuisance algae and keeps your aquarium water crystal clear!


-Keeps pH stable and constant
-Reduces fish loss due to pH changes or polluted water
-Keeps aquariums crystal clear
-Provides positive neurological reactions in fish, mimicking a natural environment
-Filters out phosphates (PO4) and silicates (SIO2)
-Reduces nuisance algae
-Removes dissolved organics
-Helps fish have a better appetite
-Eliminates osmotic shock
-Increases fish life span
-Filters out coppers, metals, odors and phenol
-Prevents ion antagonism
-Lasts up to 4 months
-Available in several sizes

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