ADA Aqua Soil Powder - Malaya 9L

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ADA Aqua Soil Malaya is part of the ADA Aqua Soil plant substrate series which is the original Nature Aquarium substrate. Designed and used by the late master pro aquascaper Takashi Amano for his company Aqua Design Amano. AquaSoil is available in 3 varieties;


  • Dark brown-black colour of the Amazonian Rain Forest.


  • Red-brown colour of the African rain forest, which can provide a stunning contrast against the green plants.
  • Relatively hard granules which are easy to handle, and ensure very clear water.


  • Ocher colour of the natural substrate in South East Asia.
  • Ideal for aquarium layouts that are designed to last for a long period.

ADA also offer each variety in a Powder Type which has additional benefits:

  • Ideal for nano/small aquariums as it creates a greater sense of scale
  • Ideal for carpeting plants

** Please note that ADA substrates are designed to release ammonia as an aid in cycling new filter media. This is in effect "fishless cycling" and is of great benefit to livestock when they are eventually added to the tank. Because of this livestock should not be added for at least three weeks.

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