Aquatic pets

We have over 100 aquariums full of freshwater livestock for you to choose from.

We have fish for any type of aquarium, from small community schooling fish to large African and South American cichlids and everything in between. We also carry a variety of freshwater ornamental shrimp, various aquatic frogs and crayfish.

We have everything you need to start up your aquarium, or maintain your current one. We have an entire room dedicated to aquariums, ranging from 2.5 gallons to 210 gallons.

We also have a huge selection of live aquatic plants, for both beginners and advanced hobbyists.

Aquarium supplies

Our fish guarantee

All of our freshwater livestock are guaranteed for three days. You must bring in your receipt, the remains of the fish, and a separate sample of water taken from your aquarium. If everything checks out, then your fish is replaced.

Due to circumstances that can occur after the fish leave our premises, we are not liable to refund/exchange after this date.

Brands we carry